Data Retention

The Chronix Server Retention plugin deletes time series data that is older than a given threshold. The configuration of the plugin is within the config.xml of the Solr Core. The following snippet of Solr config.xml shows the configuration:

<requestHandler name="/retention" class="de.qaware.chronix.solr.retention.ChronixRetentionHandler">
 <lst name="invariants">
 <!-- Use the end field of a record to determine its age. -->
 <str name="queryField">end</str>
 <!-- Delete time series that are older than 40DAYS -->
 <str name="timeSeriesAge">40DAYS</str>
 <!-- Do it daily at 12 o'clock -->
 <str name="removeDailyAt">12</str>
 <!-- Define the source -->
 <str name="retentionUrl">http://localhost:8983/solr/chronix/retention</str>
 <!-- Define how the index is updated after deletion -->
 <str name="optimizeAfterDeletion">false</str>
 <str name="softCommit">false</str>

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