All libraries are available in the Chronix Bintray Maven repository. A build script snippet for use in all Gradle versions, using the Chronix Bintray Maven repository:

repositories {
 maven {
 url ""

dependencies {
 compile 'de.qaware.chronix:chronix-server-client:0.3'
 compile 'de.qaware.chronix:chronix-server-query-handler:0.3'
 compile 'de.qaware.chronix:chronix-server-retention:0.3'


Is there anything missing? Do you have ideas for new features or improvements? You are highly welcome to contribute your improvements, to the Chronix projects. All you have to do is to fork this repository, improve the code and issue a pull request.

Building Chronix from Scratch

Everything should run out of the box. The only two things that must be available:

  • Git
  • JDK 1.8

Just do the following steps:

cd <checkout-dir>
git clone
cd chronix.server
./gradlew clean build

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